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*Though I am not a doctor, I am a certified child life specialist specifically trained and educated on how to provide developmentally appropriate hospitalization coping strategies, non-pharmalogical pain management strategies, explaining a new diagnosis, prepping or debriefing before/after medical procedures, coping skills during medical procedures, or how to talk about the tough stuff-like death and dying.

*I do not know everything, nor claim to- but I will try my very best to answer your questions to the fullest extent of my professional knowledge.

*This is take-it-or-leave-it advice and information, if you don’t care for my response- that’s fine! Every family, child, and household is going to be different and that is 100% OK.

*Information will change and evolve over time as research continues in the field of child development. That is the beauty of the human race- always striving to attain more accurate knowledge! Posts I make may include information that will be different one, five, or ten years from now. 

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